About Captain Kimo

I am a professional photographer, coffee connoisseur, techno geek and world traveler. My photos have been published and exhibited in several magazines and galleries. My unique photos are sold to individuals and businesses from all over the world. I also teach photography through my workshops and eBooks. I have over a decade of professional software experience as a Graphic Artist using Photoshop and Lightroom. Currently I spend most of my time photographing Florida. I am one of the lucky few who can say “I love what I do!”

About HDR Photography

Simply put… high dynamic range means more. More of whatever it is you are trying to get, and in photography, more exposure is what photographers are after. Now when I say more exposure I don’t mean more pictures. What I mean is more image in a single photo. To better understand, I’ve posted two photos below.

About HDR Workshop

It all started in November 2010 when I released my HDR e-book "Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography by Captain Kimo."  I sold this 210 page e-book for $19.95 back then. As the months went on it became a very popular resource for photographers who wanted to learn HDR photography. Eventually a year passed and the information slowly became outdated. It was still relevant to a degree but a lot of the software that I did my tutorials changed. Because of this I decided to offer updates to the e-book for free.

The free updates ended up being a big hit so I decided to offer new e-books for free to people who bought my original e-book. I ended up changing the e-book as a simple product to a Lifetime Membership to my tutorials.

Every few months I e-mailed my Lifetime Members new e-books and videos on HDR and post processing. I also gave away my Photoshop Actions, Photomatix Presets, backgrounds, textures and much more. It all went smooth until some of my members ended up not getting my e-mails.

And this is how the HDR Workshop website came to fruition. With this website I am able to produce and share my knowledge with my members without too much trouble. This helps me out a lot because I am a one man show. Including this website I also manage and operate CaptainKimo.com and RoyalStockPhoto.com.