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Butterfly Photoshop Action by Captain Kimo

This action is outdated – Designed for flash photography, this Photoshop action delivers polished butterfly images with just one click. Created after an inspirational trip to a local butterfly garden, it transforms your shots into professional-quality portraits.

To get the best results, be sure to use flash when photographing your winged subjects, whether on-camera or external. The light brings out intricate details that this action enhances. Without flash, the final images tend to look flat.

Seamless processing requires a few Topaz plugins – [list specific plugins needed]. With these tools, the action performs targeted adjustments, sharpening butterfly features while smoothing the background.

In moments, your macro butterfly photographs will have rich, vivid color and crisp definition. The custom effect brings out subtle textures and patterns in the wings. No more tedious editing – this single action does the work for you, saving time while making your butterfly closeups positively mesmerizing.