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Captain Kimo Photoshop Action for HDR Images

One of my original HDR editing breakthroughs, this Photoshop action automates a polished, stylized effect for tone mapped photos. Despite being an earlier preset, it remains an excellent tool for streamlining editing.

Running the action applies a combination of adjustments that enhance HDRs with rich vibrance, refined contrast and boosted luminosity. Imagery pops with color while maintaining a natural, eye-pleasing quality.

Built to harness the power of Topaz plugins, it leverages tools like Topaz Adjust to infuse photos with depth and clarity. For those without Topaz, a similar alternative action is included.

Compatible with both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, this preset saves hours of tedious editing time. Give your HDR portfolio visual impact with just one click!

Revisit the custom effect that propelled my signature HDR style. This classic action will level up amateur tone mapping attempts and breathe new life into pro workflows.