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Creative Texturing eBook Includes 100 Free Textures

Elevate your HDR art with custom textures using the techniques in this creative photography guide. Across over 100 pages, you’ll learn how to add unique character to tone-mapped images using layered textures and blending modes.

Follow step-by-step demonstrations taking dull HDRs to new visual heights. See how handmade and photographic textures lend richness, flair and imagination when thoughtfully overlapped.

This book provides not only a library of premium texture images to ignite your inspiration, but also in-depth tutorials for making your own. Become self-sufficient designing an endless array of textures tailored to your artistic vision.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to expand your skills or a seasoned pro needing fresh inspiration, this book will expand your HDR repertoire. Learn the tools and techniques to infuse tone-mapped art with mesmerizing texture.