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Dynamic Cars in HDR Tutorial – 15min Video

Finally unveiling my workflow for polished HDR automotive photography, this 15-minute video tutorial shares pro techniques to enhance car images. Created by request for a fellow photographer, it guides you through processing vehicles with stunning clarity and detail.

Follow along as I take raw shots through Photomatix merging and tone mapping. See how I balance highlights and shadows to reveal every contoured line while maintaining a realistic look. Then watch as I refine the HDR image in Photoshop, using Topaz plugins to add sharper definition and visual impact.

The step-by-step breakdown makes capturing breathtaking HDR cars simple. Get the original RAW files, HDR presets, and see the final edited versions by downloading now. Dramatic lighting, crisp reflections, and vivid color—this tutorial brings out the best in your auto photography.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your skills, these are the techniques you need to create captivating HDR automotive art.