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Creating High Dynamic Range Panoramic Images – 20min Video

Expand your compositions and capture sweeping landscapes by stitching HDR images, a technique I often use in the field. In this tutorial, follow along as I merge multiple HDR photo sets into ultra-wide panoramas brimming with detail.

When a scene is too expansive for a single shot, I take a series of overlapped frames. Back at my computer, I then combine these HDR images into seamless panoramas, aligning the shots and blending any exposure differences.

The result is sprawling high dynamic range vistas with incredible sharpness, clarity and tonal range. No distracting markers between frames – just continuous sweeping views.

Whether overlooking stunning scenery or architectural sites, image stitching allows your photos to encompass the full breadth of grand spaces. This tutorial teaches you the tools and techniques for flawless HDR panos. Expand your photographic horizons and capture landscapes in their entirety.

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