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Processing Full Moon Images for Dynamic Range – 20min Video

Unveil the secrets behind my highly requested moon photography with this HDR video tutorial. Fellow photographers, your lunar questions are finally answered as I comprehensively detail my editing process from start to finish.

Watch over my shoulder as I skillfully merge multiple exposures into a Photomatix composite, strategically toning highlights and shadows to accentuate intricate crater details. Then follow along into Photoshop where I finesse the image, harnessing tools and adjustments to amplify depth, contrast and clarity.

You’ll discover professional techniques tailored specifically for the intricacies of lunar HDR. Mimic my workflow to coax out the most mesmerizing definition from your own celestial shots.

Stay tuned for an upcoming guide focused on optimal moon capture camera settings and gear. For now, this is your all-access pass to mastering dramatic post-production that makes your moonscapes shine.

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