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Secrets to Mastering HDR Photography by Captain Kimo

The original HDR e-book from 2012 – Capture stunning high dynamic range (HDR) images with this comprehensive 210-page eBook. Ideal for beginner and advanced photographers alike, this guide shares fundamental HDR principles as well as more advanced techniques to create jaw-dropping photographs.

While my HDR methods have evolved over time, the core concepts and information presented in this eBook remain highly relevant for producing professional-quality results. The pages outline essential tools like bracketing and merging, while also diving into more complex tone mapping strategies.

In addition to the detailed walkthroughs and tutorials, this eBook package includes a handy Photoshop action and custom Photomatix settings to streamline your workflow. Whether you’re looking to master HDR or take your existing skills to the next level, this resource has everything you need to succeed. Equipped with these powerful insights, you’ll be capturing and processing stunning high dynamic range images in no time.