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Captain Kimo HDR Portrait eBook and Photoshop Action

Transform your portraits into breathtaking works of art with this Photoshop action crafted during my trip to Thailand. Designed to lend HDR shots an illustrative, painterly style, it instantly adds artistic flair to photos with one click.

This action harnesses the style-transfer capabilities of Topaz plugins to infuse images with bold, graphic effects. Ordinary portraits emerge full of mesmerizing detail, with refined textures and edges reminiscent of paintings and drawings.

Both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users can utilize this action to add a fine art aesthetic to their photos. No longer waste hours manually editing – this streamlined preset does the work for you.

Whether shooting models, candids, or self-portraits, this action opens up limitless creative possibilities. Depict your subjects with imaginative styles that elevate every shot into a gallery-worthy masterpiece. Unleash your inner artist now!