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Step into the world of photography excellence with our exclusive membership platform! Unveiling an exceptional opportunity for Captain Kimo enthusiasts to directly contribute to and bolster the Captain Kimo legacy. Picture it as your personal gateway to artistic empowerment – akin to Patreon, but uniquely hosted on our independent website. Bid farewell to recurring monthly charges; our structure entails a simple one-time payment for either an enriching year-long membership or an everlasting lifetime access pass.

This digital realm is tailor-made for kindred spirits who appreciate the craft and wish to join hands in championing my photographic odyssey. I have no intention of seeking something for nothing, like a mere handout or donation. Rest assured, I’m committed to delivering substantial value in exchange for your hard-earned investment, which is why my membership website thrives.

Here, your artistic journey shall be nurtured by imbibing the wisdom I’ve garnered through years of experience as a photographer, graphic virtuoso, and visionary artist. It’s not a ceaseless stream of updates; rather, a sanctuary exclusively crafted for my esteemed supporters. Before you embark on this transformative voyage, ensure the current course offerings align with your aspirations.

While I may not be in a perpetual race to upload new content, I promise to curate enriching experiences. As a cherished member, your queries and curiosities hold a special place. If a specific subject tantalizes your creative appetite, a mere email from you will suffice to queue up a captivating video on that very topic.

Ready to embark? Secure your membership via the Paypal button below. For your convenience, we facilitate payments through diverse avenues: Credit Card, Phone Payments, Zelle, Venmo, or even Crypto (BTC, ETH, Alt Coins). Allow me to illuminate the path; reach out for additional insights. Your artistic expedition awaits!

One Year Memnership $29.95 (Pay with PayPal)

Lifetime Membership $59.95 (Pay with PayPal)

I also accept payment by Venmo or Crypto (BTC, ETH, Alt Coins) contact me for more info.