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-Captain Kimo

Photography Courses

HDR Photography

Beginner • 1 hrs

Since 2009, I’ve been immersed in the realm of HDR techniques. As time has passed, my workflow has undergone transformation and evolution. In this video, we’ll explore the foundational principles of HDR photography, while diving into my latest techniques for creating impactful HDR images and delving into the different software I employ.

Software Workflow

Beginner • 1 hrs

Leveraging various photography software tools is the primary approach through which I achieve the desired aesthetics in my photos. Understanding a photographer’s specific software and workflow is crucial, whether you aim to emulate their style or integrate software techniques seamlessly into your own creative process.

Photography Gear

Beginner • 1 hrs

The camera and lens constitute the tools artists employ to craft their masterpieces. Join me in this concise video where I share insights into my photography gear, its utilization, and timing. Brace yourself for a revelation: my minimalistic gear approach may catch you off guard, and the significance of my primary equipment for specific shots might just astound you.


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