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Creating Pseudo HDR Image with Single Exposure – 20min Video

Capture the dynamic range of HDR in a single shot with this 20-minute image enhancement tutorial. Follow along as I transform a bald eagle photo into a pseudo HDR masterpiece using just one raw file.

Through careful masking and targeted adjustments, I’ll demonstrate how to reveal hidden details in shadows and highlights for added depth and drama. Then watch as I extract the eagle from the background with Topaz ReMask and compose it into a more majestic scene using a cloud photo backdrop.

This start-to-finish workflow makes crafting stunning single-exposure HDR easy, even for beginners. Mimic HDR toning without bracketing and merge for natural-looking enhancement. Take your wildlife imagery to the next level with artistic sky replacements.

With these techniques, you can create magazine-worthy wildlife portraits bursting with crisp details and vivid color. Unlock the full potential of your shots with pseudo HDR editing finesse.The above eagle is the final image from the video tutorial. Below you can download the sample files to work along with the video tutorial.

Download Link: Click here to download original files.

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