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Making Sun Rays in Photoshop Video Tutorial – 20min Video

Achieve striking light ray effects in your HDR photography by following this in-depth 3-part video tutorial. Watch as I transform a lackluster landscape into a radiant masterpiece, revealing insider techniques for adding wow-factor.

The final image showcases cascading sun beams that elevate the mood and draw viewers into the scene. In the comprehensive videos, I walk through my process step-by-step, from multi-exposure bracketing to tone mapping to creative Photoshop editing.

Learn how I blend multiple exposures to build luminance contrast suited for light rays. See how I use adjustment layers, masking and radial filters to paint in dazzling crepuscular rays exactly where desired.

With the sample files, you can follow along with the videos to hone your skills. Take inspiration from the final art to create your own breathtaking landscapes illuminated by the magic of light.

Whether new to HDR or looking to expand your skills, this free tutorial provides invaluable techniques for post-processing sun rays that mesmerize.