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Moon and Cloud Composite Using Photoshop

Enhance your photographs with dramatic skies using the techniques in this tutorial. Created exclusively for Premium HDR Workshop members, this video guide shares pro strategies for compositing cloud backgrounds into your images.

With the included pack of 100 stunning cloud photos, you have endless options for adding atmosphere and interest. Follow along as I demonstrate my workflow for convincingly integrating these sky assets into different scene settings.

Learn how to match light direction, blend edges, and make perspective adjustments so the clouds look like part of the original shot. Use layer masks and editing tools to ensure a seamless, realistic look. The clouds inject vivid color, leading lines, and visual depth.

Take your landscape, nature, and outdoor images to the next level with eye-catching skies. With the 100 premium cloud backgrounds and the helpful techniques in this tutorial, you have everything you need to create captivating photographic art.

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